I have been deeply involved in photography and various artistic endeavours for more than thirty years and I am based in Canberra, Australia. My current work represents an integrated approach to photography and abstract digital art. All the images on my site are originals.

Many of my images begin with an original drawing, painting or sculpture with the intention they will be photographed and formed into the final image. The lines, colours, shapes and composition seek to facilitate a response that is located outside of objectivity or logic. In this sense, most of my images are non-representational, or non-objective – they do not cascade back to something familiar.

The original photographs are reconstructed to produce an alternative to the initial point of reality captured by the camera. My intent is to produce something that could stand alone and be labelled as art. The end point is an image that does not need to reference its origins. The ‘form’ of the images was the focus as opposed to the content. In most of my images there is no narrative to be interpreted. There are only points, lines, shapes, colours and composition. I hope you enjoy them.


The images can only be delivered to Australia or New Zealand.


You can contact me at:  [email protected]

Ph: 0458 624966